A Look Back at Biodynamic Conference 2014

A Look Back at Biodynamic Conference 2014.


To Serve

Called to Serve

Are you called to serve?
Millions have served our countries–veterans.
Veterans understand the value of service–they understand the calling to service doesn’t end after their military career is over.
They believe in being there for us.
Can we be their for them? Will you be their for them and serve them as they served us
Whether you go into the military or not you are called to serve.
Consider serving those who served in the military.
Consider being there for a vet.
Because like them you too are called to serve.
Help those who have helped others and became wounded in the process.
Help those who helped others but now need help themselves.

Someone who serves is a hero.

The True Height of Goliath

Remnant of Giants

The major textual witnesses to 1 Samuel 17 give two different heights for Goliath. In some manuscripts of 1 Samuel 17, Goliath is 4½ cubits, which at approximately 18 inches or 45cm per cubit (as general estimates) is 6 feet 8 inches or 2.02 metres. In other textual witnesses, Goliath is 6½ cubits, that is, 9 feet 7 inches or 2.93 metres. Texts in which Goliath’s height is only 4½ cubits are also missing many of the verses found in most modern translations of 1 Samuel 17  (with the notable exception of Codex Alexandrinus) . The missing verses are 1 Samuel 17.12-31 and 55-58, and almost only appear where Goliath’s height is given as 6½ cubits.

The average height of people in this region in the late centuries B.C. was about 3½ cubits (a little over 5 foot). Therefore, 4½ cubits would represent an extremely tall person, as tall as one would ever find, whereas 6½ cubits would represent an inhumanly tall being. In 1 Samuel 17, Goliath…

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No Shadows In Heaven

Truly God's Grace

Last week, I was working with a teenage girl on an art project in which she had to add shading to her drawing, and I explained to her how shadows work. To be able to draw a shadow properly, you must imagine the source of the light and the direction from which it emanates to determine the direction in which the shadow will be cast and the shadow’s length, width, and degree of darkness. Through simple observation we know that shadows change, however. But in a picture, a moment of time is captured and that shadow does not move or change.

This week, I was listening to several of my Sovereign Grace Music CD’s while driving in the car. One of the songs (“You Never Change”) had lyrics that said, “Father of lights, Giver of gifts. There is no shadow in You. … And You never change, and You never…

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Oh yews


Alumni Profile

Dr. Oh Yeon Ho developed a concept for a new media outlet in response to a class assignment as a student in Regent’s journalism program in 1996. “We had to write a report on a new media, with a unique concept that would have everlasting value and would work in the real world,” Oh explains. “I came up with the idea that every citizen can be a reporter.”

Upon graduating in 1997, he put that concept into action, creatingOhmyNews.com—a media outlet populated with news contributed by thousands of citizen journalists from more than 100 countries worldwide.

Today, Oh is the president and CEO of OhmyNews and a leader in the citizen journalism movement. The impact of the Regent classroom experience on Oh’s career has led him to visit the School of Communication & the Arts to encourage future reporters in embracing the realm of new media. “We’re breaking down the barriers of who is a journalist and what is news … I’ve believed for a long time that the quality of the reporting should be more valued than the size of the media outlet.”